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Menu China Cuisine Carluke

Satisfy your proclivities at our restaurant type. Enjoy unique and savoury dishes that are spread out across the menu. There is sufficient variety for everyone to choose from. Starting with the Appetisers, items like Capital Spare Ribs and Barbecued Spare Ribs will get your right in the mood for the main dishes. Speaking of main dishes, we have a huge assortment of Chinese favourites to choose from. The Chow Mein like Special Chow Mein and Chicken Chow Mein have just the right kick. The King Prawn Dishes are also very enjoyable especially if you are a seafood enthusiast. There is a Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein among the many other dishes that you will enjoy on this menu. Fried Rice Dishes are also a staple at our restaurant type. All the cherished varieties including Ham Fried Rice and Char Siu Fried Rice are included on the vast menu. As for our signature dishes, the Special Foo Yung, Special Chop Suey, and Vegetable Curry will have you completely satisfied. We also have various snack dishes, munch boxes, numerous side options, drinks and so much more. The menu is available to all for further perusal.

About China Cuisine Carluke

China Cuisine brings you amazing dishes that are hard to ignore. The dishes are also presented in a colourful menu that is not shy of experimenting with various mixes. The bold menu is nevertheless designed to be easily accessible to every kind of customer. The extra portions and the main dishes are carefully outlined in the menu to make it easy to make a choice. Even if the menu is for some reason inaccessible to some customers, we are always there to make everything much better. We are fully committed to our customers and we are always by the table side to make sure that the experience is worthwhile. You can thus call upon our team to assist you through every step of making an order and enjoying the dishes. The dishes are the freshest and most iconic items you can find in any restaurant. We take our food preparation processes seriously. There is a high level of scrutiny that follows every step of the production process. China Cuisine goes to the best markets to source the ingredients and then applies exceptional cooking techniques to create masterpiece items in every plate. Our restaurant is perfect for solo dining and group dining. Come and enjoy the best hospitality. 

Restaurant location China Cuisine Carluke

Taste the finest Chinese takeaway in the area today at our establishment. We are right at the heart of the city when it comes to exceptional dishes. Find us at 17 Kirkton Street, Carluke, ML8 4AB. The road system and other means of transport will be sufficient for quick access. At any time, you can also see our menu and services remotely. This is possible through our mobile apps which are downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. We make it easy for you to stay connected with us at all times. Visit us and make an order today for a memorable experience.

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